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What To Do When You Are Experiencing A Flood

What to do about flooding in your home

Even if you live in a community with a lower risk of flooding, you still want to be aware of the steps you need to take in the case of a flood and other extensive water damage. 

Before a Flood

Before a flood even happens, you want to be as prepared as possible. Start by building your own emergency kit with a communication plan you share with other family members.

If you are in an area prone to flooding, you may consider elevating your furnace, water heater, or electrical panel and installing check valves. These valves help prevent flood water from backing into the home’s drains.

During a Flood

If a flood is likely to hit your area, keep up to date as much as possible by listening to the radio or television. Flash flooding can also occur. If this is possible in your area, move to much higher ground.

If you have to evacuate, make sure you secure your home before leaving. Bring in any outdoor furniture if possible and move your more essential items to a higher floor.

Turn off your utilities at the main switch or valve. Disconnect appliances and avoid electrical equipment if standing water is already in the area.

After a Flood

When your home has flooded, you want to avoid the flood water as much as possible as it can be contaminated. Avoid moving water and stay clear of areas that have been damaged. If there is standing water, it can be electrically charged due to a downed power line or other wiring issues.

Once it is deemed safe, enter your home and assess the damage. For this kind of extensive water damage, you want to hire a flood cleanup and restoration company that can come in and remove the excess water and dry up the area. There may also be damaged sewer systems that must be cleaned up.

A professional company has the right knowledge and tools and can come in and clean and disinfect everything. Completely drying out your home can take several hours to a few weeks, depending on the extent of the damage. A professional company with the necessary equipment can do this just much faster.

Throw away any materials that cannot be salvaged, take photographs of all the damage, and wash any curtains or bed sheets you can save with hot soapy water. If possible, clean your rugs and furniture with clean water, shampoo them, and dry them thoroughly.

When working in a flooded area, protect yourself from the contaminants in the water. You should also use cleaning supplies armed with a disinfectant to kill germs. Finally, make sure to ventilate the area. Open the windows and doors and use fans whenever possible.

A lot of work has to be done to clean up the aftermath of a flood. It is always in your best interest to hire a company that knows what they are doing to come in and get the process started and help lessen the potential damage there is.

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