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Milwaukee Hail Damage Restoration Company

Are you searching for fast and reliable hail damage restoration company near you in Milwaukee, WI?

We understand the overwhelming feeling of witnessing your property in a disastrous state due to hail damage. The longer you wait, the worse it gets—water infiltrates deeper, mold becomes harder to remove, the smell worsens, and your home’s value decreases. 

That’s where ERS Emergency Restoration Specialists come in. With over 25 years of experience, we’re the leading experts in storm damage repair. Our IICRC-certified professionals are available 24/7 to restore your home promptly. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and our past clients rave about our work.

Don’t let hail damage compromise your home. Contact ERS now to get started on your hail damage restoration. 

Your property deserves prompt attention when dealing with the aftermath of thunderstorms and hail in Milwaukee. At ERS Emergency Restoration Specialists, we’re here to ensure your peace of mind. Our 24/7 emergency service means we’re ready to assist you anytime, even during holidays because we understand that disasters don’t wait.

Our IICRC-certified professionals bring over 25 years of excellence to the table. We specialize in comprehensive storm damage restoration services, from addressing the havoc wreaked by tornadoes to safeguarding your home against flooding and ice dams. With our dedication to safety and the well-being of your community, we provide expert storm damage repairs, clearing debris, and restoring roofs. Trust ERS for top-notch storm damage repair services and maintaining air quality in your home.

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A+ BBB Rated: Over 25 Years of Experience

Choosing ERS means you’re choosing the best in the business. Our commitment to excellence has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With decades of experience, our team of IICRC-certified professionals is equivalent to earning a degree in restoration services, ensuring your property is in capable hands. Whether it’s hail damage or the aftermath of thunderstorms, we offer emergency restoration services that go above and beyond.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage can compromise the safety and structure of your home. Our water damage restoration services cover everything, from cleanup to efficient water removal. We understand the importance of immediate action when you notice water damage, as delays can lead to increased damages and costly repairs. That’s why we provide equipment rentals, including dehumidifiers, fans, ozone machines, air scrubbers, and desiccants, so you can tackle the issue swiftly and effectively.

Don't Let Hail Damage Compromise Your Home. Get Emergency Restoration Services

Hail damage can be a significant threat during storms, causing damage to your property’s structure. Our experts specialize in damage repairs to restore the integrity of your home. Whether securing your property after tornadoes or addressing the aftermath of hurricanes, our emergency restoration services are designed to get your life back on track.

Get Hail Damage Repair Services Near You

Hail damage can have a lasting impact on your property, from dented roofs to compromised air quality due to debris and water infiltration. Our hail damage restoration services are prompt and thorough, ensuring your home is restored to its pre-damage condition. We’re your local storm damage contractors near Milwaukee, WI, providing you with the quality service you need.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm damage can wreak havoc on your property, leading to costly repairs if not addressed promptly. Our storm damage repair services are comprehensive and reliable, whether it’s ice storms, thunderstorms, or any other natural disaster. We understand the importance of cleaning up debris, repairing roofs, and ensuring the safety of your community.

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When disaster strikes, you need experts who can handle the aftermath efficiently. Our property damage restoration experts at Emergency Restoration Specialists are your trusted partners. Whether it’s emergency services, cleaning up after ice dams, or addressing damages caused by storms, we’re here to provide you with top-notch service that brings your property back to its best.


Storm damage restoration involves repairing and restoring property after severe weather events like wind and hail storms. Your roof is particularly vulnerable and can sustain damage, including missing shingles and leaks, which our experts will assess and repair.

Our storm damage restoration process in Milwaukee begins with a thorough inspection of your property, followed by immediate action to prevent further damage. We then proceed with repairs, including restoration, to ensure your home is safe and sound.

Strong winds during storms can lift shingles, loosen flashing, and even tear off parts of your roof. Our experienced team specializes in wind damage repairs to restore the structural integrity of your home.

Hail damage can lead to dents and cracks in your roof and siding, which, if left unattended, can result in more significant issues over time. Our hail damage restoration services are designed to address these issues and prevent further deterioration promptly.

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