Don’t Wait to Repair Damage

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Don’t Wait to Repair Damage

Call the Restoration Experts at ERS now!

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24 Hour Disaster Restoration Services: Fire, Mold & Water Damage

ERS offers fire, mold, and water damage restoration services in Wisconsin and Illinois. We also offer sewage backup cleanup and disaster cleaning services for special cases like crime scenes, biohazards, vandalism, and graffiti removal.

We’re right next to the Milwaukee airport, so we can show up fast and get to work immediately. Whether you need help with a home or commercial building, we’re here to minimize damage and get your property back in its best shape.

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Why Choose Our Emergency Restoration Services?

  • Over 33 years of disaster restoration experience

  • 24/7 response to emergencies

  • IICRC-certified technicians

  • Direct billing to insurance companies

  • A+ BBB rating

  • Over 200 5-star reviews

  • Local expertise in Milwaukee and surrounding areas

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services: Storm and Flood Cleanup

Water and storm damage can cause absolute devastation in a matter of minutes. It’s a stressful situation, but we’re here to reverse the damage and give your property the treatment that it deserves. Make sure that you call us quickly. The faster you call, the more damage you can avoid.

  • Water Extraction and Drying: Our drying process is unmatched. We start by removing any standing water. Once that’s done, we use a high-tech drying process involving a process called injectidry. Injectidry gets your property dry faster than other available methods so that you can move on from this disaster as soon as possible.
  • Repairs and Replacements: As we dry your property, we’ll also repair the items that we can repair and replace the items that we can’t. We provide tear-out and replacement of structural elements, and we can replace carpets that don’t respond to the drying and cleaning process.
  • Cleaning and Decontamination: Some forms of water are toxic. For example, if your water damage is from your sewer system or a flood, then it’s vital to remove the germs. Our cleaning and decontamination process staves off potential illnesses and will leave the area safe.
  • Storm Damage: Storms can bring water damage, but they do more than that. They can also knock over tree limbs and send debris onto your property. Debris removal, including tree removal, is a major part of our storm damage process. We’re also equipped to handle lightning damage, including fire restoration and roof and siding restoration.
Can Walls Be Saved From Water Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Company

ERS is here for all of your disaster restoration needs, including fire damage restoration. It’s stressful and terrifying to see your home damaged by a fire. When you call ERS, we work quickly to get your home back to its pre-fire state. We also repair damage to commercial properties so that business owners can get back to work.

  • Structural Repair: Once we assess the situation, we provide structural repair to your floors, ceilings, walls, and whatever else may have been impacted by the fire. We tear out the unsalvageable parts and replace them with brand-new materials.
  • Water Damage: People sometimes forget that fire damage and water damage go hand in hand. Water can extinguish fires, but it also causes its own damage. We apply our complete water damage process as we restore the other types of fire damage on your property.
  • Carpet and Upholstery: Carpets and upholstery can absorb a lot of damage. We have an in-depth cleaning process that removes a lot of damage and can leave your items looking like new. We can also replace unsalvageable carpets.
  • Damage Repair and Debris Cleanup: ERS can remove the debris and other aftermath of the fire. Once we remove the debris, we can work on restoring individual household items such as wood furniture.
  • Smoke and Soot Removal: Aside from being byproducts of fire, smoke and soot have a lot of things in common. First, they’re both dangerous and acidic, creating an unhealthy breathing environment. Both smoke and soot have varying levels of danger, depending on what was burned. For example, the smoke from burnt plastic is more dangerous than the smoke from burnt wood. Next, both smoke and soot are notoriously difficult to remove without professional help. Thankfully, ERS is here. We analyze smoke and soot to determine their type, and then we apply the best cleaners and strategies for the job.

Mold Removal

Mold can be toxic and even deadly. When a property has too much moisture, it can start a mold problem that requires a professional removal squad. At ERS, no mold problem is too big for us to handle. We’ll get to the root of the problem and completely remove the mold from your property.

Disaster Cleanup

A lot of restoration companies can handle fire and flood cleanup, but not many can take on other disasters. We can. When you’ve been through a traumatic event, you shouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath by yourself, and friends and family aren’t always equipped to help. That’s where we come in. We offer fast, thorough, and compassionate disaster cleaning services for the worst disasters.

  • Trauma Scene Cleanup: Homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths can leave loved ones reeling. You never expected to have this kind of cleanup responsibility on your shoulders. It’s something that nobody should ever have to deal with. We’re certified and equipped to provide safe and complete cleanup in these situations. Gain some space for yourself, and let us handle the cleanup process.
  • Biohazard Cleanup: You need a specific kind of team to handle biohazard cleanup. A regular cleaning service won’t do. When it comes to things like needles, bodily fluids, and related items, your cleanup crew needs specific safety training. The ERS team has that training, and we’re happy to handle this job for you.
  • Hoarding Cleanup: Hoarding is more than just clutter. It’s a major safety issue that can include biohazards, fire hazards, and unsafe animal environments. A major step to getting your life back is hiring a compassionate cleaning service. We offer judgment-free cleaning so that you can realize your home’s full potential.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism comes in several levels, from graffiti to broken windows. If your property has been attacked by vandals, let our team take care of the damage. Our cleanup process will have your property looking just like new.

Sewage Backup Cleanup

Our sewage backup cleanup services address and mitigate the hazardous effects of sewage overflows within residential or commercial properties. This emergency service involves the safe removal of sewage, thorough cleaning, sanitization, and drying of the affected areas to eliminate harmful pathogens and restore the environment to a safe, clean state. Our restoration team is equipped with specialized gear and techniques to handle these biohazard situations, ensuring swift and comprehensive cleanup while minimizing health risks and property damage. Trust us to restore your space to its original condition with our professional sewage backup cleanup services.

Don’t Put This Off

At ERS, we offer heavy restoration, light cleaning, and everything in between. When it comes to cleaning and restoration, the sooner you call, the better. When we can get to work quickly, we can minimize the damage and make the cleaning process as simple as possible. Call our team today. We’re here to help you get your life back in order.

Don’t wait to repair damage – call the Restoration Experts at 877-422-6379!

24-Hour Emergency Restoration Company

Emergency Restoration Specialists (ERS) operate around the clock to respond to disaster situations with speed and efficiency. Our 24/7 availability means we are always ready to assist you, day or night, ensuring your emergency doesn’t have to wait. Our team is equipped to handle disasters of all sizes, from minor leaks to major catastrophes, providing immediate action to prevent further damage. With ERS, you have a reliable partner in your time of need who is dedicated to restoring your property as quickly as possible.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms can unleash various damages, from flooding to fallen trees. ERS offers comprehensive storm damage cleanup services designed to address all aspects of storm impact. Our experienced teams assess the damage promptly and devise a tailored cleanup plan. Whether it’s water extraction, debris removal, or repairing storm damage to structures, we are prepared to restore your property. We understand the chaos storms can bring, and our mission is to alleviate your stress through our efficient and thorough cleanup services.

Water Removal

Water damage requires swift action to mitigate its effects and prevent further damage to your property. ERS specializes in efficient water removal services, employing effective techniques and equipment to extract water quickly. Our advanced drying and dehumidification processes ensure that your property is thoroughly dried, reducing the risk of mold growth and structural damage. From standing water caused by floods to hidden moisture after leaks, our water removal services are comprehensive, ensuring your property is dry, safe, and restored.

Property Restoration & Damage Repairs

After a disaster, restoring your property to its former state is our top priority. Our property restoration services cover a broad spectrum of needs, including structural repairs, cosmetic fixes, and everything in between. Whether your property has water, fire, or storm damage, our team has the skills and resources to undertake all necessary restoration work. We work closely with you to understand your restoration goals, ensuring that the end result meets your expectations.

Mold Remediation

Mold poses serious health risks and can significantly damage your property if left unchecked. ERS provides professional mold remediation services, addressing mold at its source and ensuring its complete removal. Our experts conduct a thorough inspection to identify mold-affected areas, employing advanced techniques and equipment to remove mold and prevent its recurrence safely. We also address the underlying moisture issues contributing to mold growth. With our mold remediation services, you can ensure a healthy, safe environment for you and your occupants.

Don’t wait to repair damage – call the Restoration Experts at 877-422-6379 now!


Water damage restoration is a comprehensive process that includes removing water from your property, drying out all wet areas, cleaning and sanitizing the affected spaces, and repairing or replacing damaged structural elements. This service aims to restore your property to its pre-damage condition.

A professional damage restoration services company uses advanced tools and techniques to assess the extent of water damage. This includes moisture detectors, hygrometers, and infrared cameras to identify water penetration and damage within walls, floors, and ceilings, ensuring a thorough restoration process.

Emergency water restoration services are immediate, 24/7 responses to water-related disasters such as floods, pipe bursts, and sewage backups. You should call as soon as you notice significant water damage to prevent further deterioration of your property and to start the mitigation process quickly.

Yes, flood damage can lead to many other problems, including structural damage, mold growth, electrical hazards, and contamination. Prompt and effective flood damage restoration is crucial to minimize these risks and protect your property and health.

Cleaning services for water damage focus on water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent mold growth. Fire damage cleaning involves soot, smoke removal, and deodorization to eliminate hazardous particles and smells. Smoke damage cleaning requires specialized techniques to address the unique challenges of smoke odor and residue, ensuring a thorough cleanup of affected areas.

Smoke damage restoration typically involves a detailed assessment of the items, followed by specialized cleaning processes to remove soot, ash, and smoke odors. This may include dry cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and ozone treatment to restore items to their pre-damage state as much as possible.

The duration of the damage restoration process can vary widely depending on the damage’s extent, the affected area’s size, and the specific services required. Emergency restoration services aim to address immediate damage quickly, but complete restoration may take days to weeks to ensure a thorough and safe return to pre-disaster conditions.

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