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Sewer Damage Could Wreak Havoc On Your Home In These Ways

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Unless you’re a plumber, septic company worker, or an employee of your city’s public works department, you probably don’t give much thought to what happens to stuff that goes down the drain. Instead, you likely only know that waste goes out of your house and away.

But what about when feces, urine, toilet paper, and more back up inside your home? If a stoppage occurs, you’ll want to clean the mess as soon as possible.

Of course, everyone knows they need to clean sewage up promptly, but do you actually know why? Answers will vary based on who you ask that question to, but we’re going to share some of the common reasons why it is better to clean sewage off surfaces in the home sooner rather than later.

Raw Sewage Can Make People And Animals Sick

One reason why is that sewage is full of bacteria and harmful contaminants. Therefore, if you, your family members, or pets come into contact with sewage, illnesses may set in. Various symptoms can present themselves, depending on what people catch. However, signs that you should be on the lookout for following raw sewage contamination include but are not limited to:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Sore Throat
  • Constipation Or Runny Stool

If you or someone you love gets sick, hopefully, the matter isn’t serious, and your symptoms clear up in a few days. But what if they aren’t? If you have to go or take a family member to the doctor or a pet to the vet after becoming exposed to sewage, those costs could skyrocket and get out of control in a hurry.

So, because of the health implications of raw sewage, surfaces exposed to it in the home should be sanitized quickly.

Structural Damage Could Result From Sewage

Sewage spills, no matter how big or small, should always be cleaned up properly. If the situations are left as-is, they could cause structural damage to homes over time.

For instance, after getting and staying wet, a support board on a pier and beam structure could rot. Or if a sewage leak happens inside the wall of a slab building, the studs inside that wall could deteriorate because of the moisture.

Some Final Thoughts About Sewage…

As you can see, sewage backups should be taken care of promptly, if for nothing else, to keep health issues and structural damages at bay. You could take a DIY approach to the venture, but that might be dangerous for you. Then again, without the proper experience and tools, you may only cause the matter to worsen. And what about the risks to yourself and your home?

Call ERS For Emergency Sewage Cleanup

The bottom line is that sewage damage is no joke, and attempting the clean-up alone may cause you a lot of grief in the long run. Thus, why not avoid any notion of trouble by hiring a professional company to tackle the cleaning from the get-go? That will keep you out of harm’s way and ensure the job is done right, with not even trace amounts of sewage left behind.

If your home or business has suffered sewage damage call the experts at Emergency Restoration Specialists. We’re located in Cudahy, but serve the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area including New BerlinWauwatosaMenomonee FallsFranklin, etc. We are available 24-7 so give us a call when you need help recovering from residential or commercial sewage damage.

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