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Water Leaks From a Damaged Roof

Hows Your Homes Roof

Now that spring is finally almost here, this could be the perfect time to get a roof inspection. After all, depending on what part of Southeastern Wisconsin your house is located in, the top could have been put under additional stress over the last couple of months. For instance, perhaps your metal roof had six inches of ice accumulated on it for three weeks straight. Or, maybe two feet of snow stayed piled on your shingles and wood decking for what seemed like two months.

Most roofers recommend getting two roof inspections per year. A homeowner may elect to take a do-it-yourself approach to the ventures. However, anyone who goes that route should be careful. The last thing anybody needs is to fall from a ladder or roof and get hurt. Don’t get too worked up about the situation, though. You can also hire a roofer to tackle the projects.

Why Professional Inspections?

Hiring a professional roofer to perform inspections can make sense for many reasons. For one, that will allow you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground where they belong. Roofers have the experience and safety equipment to do these deeds safely without anyone getting thrust into harm’s way. Not to mention, these individuals know how to spot problem areas.

Then, they can fix them before the rainy season arrives. That is quite important because, without that preventative maintenance, rain could come pouring through your ceiling during a storm, making you think someone turned on an imaginary faucet in the attic.

Prepare For Next Winter

Another reason to ensure you get your roof inspected, if nothing else, at least in the fall, is to check its shape. If ice and snow build up on weak decking, the roof may fail and come crashing down. It’s easy to see how that might be dangerous for any and all household members. Not only that, but if the substances melt while the roof is in a weakened state, water could find its way inside your home. And nothing good would come from that, either. So, if you’re all about keeping such issues at bay, consider having a trustworthy local roofer come over for an inspection.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Roof Problems As-Is

Obviously, when roof issues develop, they aren’t going to simply fix themselves. Instead, the conditions will only worsen. Then, afterward, the roof will offer your house little to no protection from rain, sleet, snow, ice, and other water-related issues. Carpeting, insulation, furniture, and more can get soaked and ruined. However, consider contacting a water damage restoration company before running right out and buying new things.

Not just any organization will do, though. Southeastern Wisconsin residents deserve the best of the best. That’s why if your roof fails to keep you and your stuff nice and dry, don’t hesitate to give Emergency Restoration Specialists, Inc. a call. You’ll get to talk to a real person, and we always have a 24/7 emergency response team available. So, contact us at any time to tackle your emergency water cleanup projects.

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