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Water And Storm Damage Services For Your Commercial Property

Water And Storm Damage Services For Your Brookfield Commercial Property

Are you a proud local business owner? If that’s the case, how about commercial properties? Do you have any of them for, let’s say, an office, warehouse, or storefront? One day, something could happen, causing water or storm damage to enter the picture. Then, you may need professional services to rectify the situation.

The faster you call following an issue, the more damage you can avoid. That’s why our company is available 24 hours per day, 7-days a week, and 365 days per year. So, don’t fret. Instead, contact us whenever something goes down and make sure standing water doesn’t wreak havoc on your structure. These are the services your commercial property might require.

Extraction And Drying

Obviously, any standing water inside the building will need to be extracted. That alone is not enough, though. Your place will also have to be thoroughly dried. Our technicians use a high-tech drying process known as Injectidry. It dries quicker than other methods available today, so you’ll be able to say goodbye to the disaster promptly.

Repairs And Replacements

We offer water damage restoration services as well. Hence, while drying your commercial property, the techs will fix items that can be fixed via repairs. Meanwhile, belongings that can’t be repaired get replaced. Not only that, but the staff will rip out and replace structural elements as necessary. In addition, if carpeting doesn’t respond to the drying, our team can replace it too.

Cleaning And Decontamination

Water that comes from a flood may contain germs. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to remove those contaminants because they can cause people to fall ill. For that matter, pollutants could even make pets sick or service animals sick. Clorox, fans, and shop vacs will only get you so far after water emergencies. So, leave the cleanup to us and ensure your property is safe for you, employees, guests, and everyone else.

Storm Damage Services

Sure, storms sometimes bring rain and flooding. Thus, if a heavy downpour rolls through the area, there’s a good chance that your commercial property may get water inside it. Then, you’ll need an extraction company to get it all out. However, rain and water damage aren’t the only things that enter the picture when storms rear their heads.

Trees and limbs can also come crashing down around your place. Debris can get blown in from everywhere as well. Debris and tree removal are major components of the storm damage cleanup process. But local business owners shouldn’t worry themselves because we provide those services. Our team is ready to tackle your cleanup and ensure your property doesn’t contain any dangers.

Some Final Words

If you’re looking for a company that provides stellar water and storm damage services, call off the search. You have found ERS Emergency Restoration Specialists, Inc., and its staff is ready to resolve your water-related problems. So, don’t delay. Instead, contact us to schedule an appointment as necessary.

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